Name Language Last commit Description
distem Ruby DISTributed systems EMulator
kadeploy Ruby Kadeploy is a scalable, efficient and reliable deployment system (cluster...
groinc C Ethernet packet sniffer/analyzer Crystal A Cystal binding/wrapper to the ICU library
libgen Crystal Automatic C-bindings generator for the Crystal language
binsh C Shell script obfuscation tool (compile, encrypt and passphrase-protect)
docker-base-images Shell Base Docker images built using the official generation scripts
dockerfiles Dockerfile A collection of Dockerfiles
fasttext-models-trainer Python fastText word embedding models training automation using Wikipedia dumps
learning Python My solutions to some misc algorithmic and MOOC problems
mnetbench C MPI-based network benchmark tool
neuralnet C++ Simple neural network library
nvdcve NVD/CVE as JSON files HTML The source code of my personal website
packer-templates Shell A collection of Packer templates
url-filter Crystal Regex-based URL list filtering tool
vocab PHP Vocabulary list manager and learning management system
ws-strategies Ruby French raiding guide for the Wildstar game
compiler C Compiler for a toy language (Lex & Yacc)
connect4 C Connect 4 multiplayer game (pthread)
firewall-rules-analyzer_migrator Perl6 A Tom based Firewall rules analyzer/migrator
jwitter Java JSP-based Twitter clone (JSF & VisualWebJSF)
ratmaze C MDP-based Rat maze problem solver
robinson-prover Java Prover based on Robinson system
rushhour Java A*-based Rush hour game solver

Code snippets

Name Language Description
binsh C Schell script obfuscation tool
symcrypt C XOR-based symetric encrypting/decrypting program
cpubench C Simple CPU benchmark tool
data_spoofer C Discreetly send data over the internet (TCP forging and IP spoofing)
realtimeclock C GNU/Linux kernel module that read the current time from the CMOS
apidoc Ruby REST API documentation generator
crypto Python Toy implementation of various cryptography algorithms
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